Research design

Canela Consulting's expertise in mixed methods and our knowledge of cutting-edge research means we can design a research program that is on target, efficient, and insightful. Solid data analysis is key to uncovering insights. Our research design begins with the question, “What is the problem you’re trying to solve?” The answer is rarely obvious, and this makes it hard to choose the right methods. We work with clients to identify the problem accurately and design an appropriate research plan.

Research project management

Manage research projects from beginning to end, including conceptualization, resourcing, stakeholder engagement, implementation, delivery and dissemination.

Desk research

Our team can carry out your research independently, or work together with your organisation. Past projects have included:

Field research

We have decades of experience conducting research & analyzing data, including interviews, focus groups, observations, and questionnaires. Past projects have included:

Output production & delivery

Follow-up advisory services

Assistance with implementation and strategy.

Courses & facilitation

Improving the capacity of your organization is crucial to obtain efficiency and accuracy. We provide capacity development especially in the areas of consumer choice, financial behaviour, and innovative methods.

Topical courses

Research courses


Stakeholder engagement

Whether doing business or developing policy, sound communication with stakeholders is the key to success. Achieving good communication can be difficult when stakeholders come from different professional sectors or areas of expertise. We draw upon our qualitative and quantitative expertise, and our experience working with businesses, NGOs, government bodies, and academic researchers.