Canela offers end-to-end solutions in knowledge production and implementation. We can design research to fit your organisation's knowledge needs, manage your research programs, train your staff in coping with messy human problems, and talk with your stakeholders. Our research philosophy is interdisciplinary and participatory.

Research design

Human-centred research for policy, products, and for the good of people. Ethnography, interviews, UX, concept testing, diary studies, surveys, and more.

Research management

End-to-end research management, including mixed methods design, team building, data collection and analysis, output production, and communications.

Research strategy

Revamp your organisation's research strategy, processes, and methods toolkit.


Improving the capacity of your organization is crucial to obtain efficiency and accuracy. We provide capacity development especially in the areas of research, communications, community, and more.


Engage us to run your meetings, workshops, Open Space sessions, and conferences.

Stakeholder engagement

Whether doing business or developing policy, sound communication with stakeholders is the key to success. We draw upon our qualitative and quantitative expertise, and our experience working with businesses, NGOs, government bodies, and academic researchers.