Fintech Research & Content Creation


Financial technologies and their applications are changing rapidly and becoming increasingly complex. This means that businesses, regulators and consumers are struggling to keep up-to-date. Media explanations of fintech don't always help, since they tend to focus on popular topics (such as blockchain and IoT), rather than on the practicalities of implementation.

Holland FinTech helps to fill this knowledge gap by creating content and events on key fintech topics. They use this knowledge to inform their members and a broader audience of professionals and the public. After three years in operation, Holland FinTech were keen to expand their knowledge production & dissemination capacity.


We continue to assist Holland FinTech to increase their research and communications capacity and shape their fintech editorial agenda.


On an on-going basis, Increase research capacity and quality by focusing on:

  • Quality of research outputs
  • Topics covered in research outputs
  • Incorporating expert insights
  • Build up the research team
  • Identify sources of research funding


Outcomes to date have included:

  • Created a style guide for communications
  • Produced and editing dozens of articles
  • Developed “Fintech Essentials” and “Fintech Insights” series
  • Trained new staff & mentoring established staff
  • Roundtable & Launch paper on Digital Identity
  • Grant application procedures put in place

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Articles published include:


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