Financial Services for Women


Historically, few financial tools have been developed with women in mind or marketed to them directly. Today, however, new financial services are appearing on the market that respond to practical everyday economic needs including design and marketing. But there is little visibility over what advances are being made in this field.


We set out to discover what this market consists of, how extensive it is, what kind of women it serves (as well as where they’re located), and – most importantly – how fintech products claim to serve women.


We identified as many fintech products for women as we could. This is a very new field: most of the companies we found were founded during the last 5-10 years).


The resulting report not maps out the market for financial services for women in five areas: payments and credit, financial management, insurance, investment, and capital for entrepreneurs. It also analyses the ways in which financial services provders are approaching the female market.

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The research was conducted by Dr. Erin Taylor and Dr. Anette Broløs. Keen Innovation provided select interviews with industry professionals.


EWPN/Keen Innovation