About Us

Canela Consulting are experts in human behaviour at the macro and micro levels. We are based in The Hague and we operate globally.


Financial behaviour

Consumer finance is changing fast due to the spread of digital technologies and the Internet. People are no longer limited to local financial services. Instead, we can choose from a global range of products in savings, payments, credit, and insurance. How can we keep track of consumer behaviour in this rapidly transforming marketplace?

Canela Consulting investigates people's use of formal and informal financial products around the globe, from e-payments in Europe to mobile money in Haiti. We are experts in cutting edge-methods for investigating financial behaviours, such as financial diaries and object-centred interviews.

Consumer behaviour

The complexity of consumer behaviour makes it important to choose the right mix of qualitative and quantitative methods. Our team work with public and private sector organisations to identify the problem and choose the right investigative approach to solve it.

Socioeconomic development

Projects and products for development must be carefully planned to suit the local socioeconomic context. What works in one country or region may not work in another. We combine micro-level research with macro-level analysis to determine the likely success of product/project implementation, and we conduct evaluations to measure their success.


Dr. Erin B. Taylor, Principal Consultant

Erin is an economic anthropologist specializing in financial behaviour and material culture. Erin led the Consumer Finance Research Methods Project for the Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion (IMTFI), designing and producing the Consumer Finance Research Methods Toolkit and other papers.

Erin worked with Haiti Integrated Finance and Value Chains and Enterprises (HIFIVE) as a Business Consultant, researching remittances and mobile phone use in preparation for the launch of a new mobile money system. Objects from this research were exhibited in the Citi Money Gallery at the British Museum.

Erin's key publications include:

Gawain Lynch, Managing Director

Gawain combines a business information background with a passion for social science research. He has an extensive background in technology as an Infrastructure Consultant and is an expert in content management systems.

Gawain is co-lead on the Bolt project. In his social sciences role, Gawain was a consultant on the Consumer Finance Research Methods Project, and he is also the brains behind the popular anthropology website PopAnth: Hot Buttered Humanity.

Gawain contributed to the following papers: