About Canela

We help you understand people

Canela is a research and strategy consultancy that tackles messy human problems.

We combine expertise in the social sciences with deep technical knowledge and business know-how. This positions us perfectly to solve complex, multi-faceted business and policy problems.

Our team helps all kinds of organisations to better serve consumers, communities and citizens. We are based in The Hague and we operate globally.

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About Canela


Research, ‘riting and a little bit of ‘rithmetic

Qualitative research

Our qualitative services include research design, discovery, interviews, focus groups, ethnography, and a host of innovative methods.

Knowledge synthesis

We bring together knowledge from diverse disciplines - economics, psychology, anthropology, sociology, and more - to shed new light on human problems.

Strategy consulting

Canela helps organisations build strategies for deeply engaging with people, whether as consumers, clients or citizens.

UX research

Usability testing, diary/camera studies and participatory design are just some of the ways we can help you understand your customers.

Facilitation & knowledge capture

Canela can help you have the conversations that matter, capture knowledge shared and help you integrate it into your practices.

Workshops & training

We run co-creation and strategy workshops, and train professionals to better work with messy human problems.


A selection of our work around the globe


We create topical analyses, toolkits and event reports for diverse clients


It's people who make us able to "people"


Professional & personal engagement is part of what we do!

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